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Expanded discovery now available for Spotlight at Stanford exhibits

We’re pleased to announce expanded discovery for Spotlight at Stanford exhibits is now available via and Our colleagues on the DLSS Access Team have recently added an Exhibits tile to the bento search options, adding another discovery point for Spotlight at Stanford.

There are different ways to conduct a search that will yield exhibit results.

One option is to go to, and enter a keyword that is in an exhibit title or subtitle. In the example below, the search term is “Stanford”

Search all from

Click on Exhibits to jump to the Exhibits bento box, as shown below – or simply scroll down. Note at the bottom of the bento search result, you can click to expand the results if more are available. You are also provided with the option to search across all exhibits for items that contain the keyword “Stanford” or you can enter a new keyword to search across all exhibits.

Exhibits bento search results

You can also access the bento from SearchWorks, by selecting “all” from the dropdown menu under “catalog”. If you have already done a search, you’ll see Exhibit results matching the same keyword(s). Please note that your keyword must be in an exhibit title or subtitle for it to appear as a search result.

Search all from

Thank you to Chris Beer, Gary Geisler, Jessie Keck, Jack Reed, Mark Matienzo, Sarah Seestone, Camille Villa and Jennifer Vine for this important discovery enhancement work.

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