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Crooks Steal Phone, SMS Record1

AT&T Corp. disclosed today that a new data breach has exposed phone call and text message records for roughly 110 million people — nearly all of its customers. AT&T said it delayed disclosing the incident in response to “national security and public safety concerns,” noting that some of the records included data that could be […]

The Stark Truth Behind the Res1

The Russia-based cybercrime group dubbed “Fin7,” known for phishing and malware attacks that have cost victim organizations an estimated $3 billion in losses since 2013, was declared dead last year by U.S. authorities. But experts say Fin7 has roared back to life in 2024 — setting up thousands of websites mimicking a range of media […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, July 1

Microsoft Corp. today issued software updates to plug at least 139 security holes in various flavors of Windows and other Microsoft products. Redmond says attackers are already exploiting at least two of the vulnerabilities in active attacks against Windows users. The first Microsoft zero-day this month is CVE-2024-38080, a bug in the Windows Hyper-V component […]

7 Essential Steps to Enhance Y1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog, guest writer Amber Martin shares 7 essential tips for optimizing the local SEO of your library. Enjoy! Building a powerful digital presence is crucial for any establishment – and libraries are no exception. Libraries are valuable resources for communities that go beyond books and provide events, digital resources, workshops, […]

The Tallest Libraries In The W1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog, recurring guest writer Nina Grant talks about three architectural marvels from around the globe, which are some of the tallest libraries in the world. Enjoy! Libraries are architectural marvels, community hubs, and symbols of intellect. Some libraries stand tall — literally — making them extraordinary in both design and […]

One of the best uses of GenAI 1

One of the best uses of GenAI I’ve seen yet – CanLII the Canadian Legal Information Institute

A colleague alerted me to the existence of this project, which had flown under my radar. The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) has used “a commercially available Large Language Model (LLM)” to generate summaries of primary case law, and legislative documents for Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. It’s the summaries of legislative documents […]

KrebsOnSecurity Threatened wit1

On March 8, 2024, KrebsOnSecurity published a deep dive on the consumer data broker Radaris, showing how the original owners are two men in Massachusetts who operated multiple Russian language dating services and affiliate programs, in addition to a dizzying array of people-search websites. The subjects of that piece are threatening to sue KrebsOnSecurity for […]

Alleged Boss of ‘Scattered Spi

A 22-year-old man from the United Kingdom arrested this week in Spain is allegedly the ringleader of Scattered Spider, a cybercrime group suspected of hacking into Twilio, LastPass, DoorDash, Mailchimp, and nearly 130 other organizations over the past two years. The Spanish daily Murcia Today reports the suspect was wanted by the FBI and arrested […]

Prioritizing Exercise for Heal1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog, recurring guest writer Nina Grant suggests some creative and simple ways to implement some exercises into a librarian’s everyday work to improve their health, wellbeing and performance. Enjoy! Library workers often spend a significant portion of their day anchored to their chairs, handling tasks like cataloging books, assisting patrons, […]

Patch Tuesday, June 2024 “Reca

Microsoft today released updates to fix more than 50 security vulnerabilities in Windows and related software, a relatively light Patch Tuesday this month for Windows users. The software giant also responded to a torrent of negative feedback on a new feature of Redmond’s flagship operating system that constantly takes screenshots of whatever users are doing […]

‘Operation Endgame’ Hits Malwa

Law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe today announced Operation Endgame, a coordinated action against some of the most popular cybercrime platforms for delivering ransomware and data-stealing malware. Dubbed “the largest ever operation against botnets,” the international effort is being billed as the opening salvo in an ongoing campaign targeting advanced malware “droppers” […]

Why Implement Two-Factor Authe1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog, recurring guest writer Nina Grant discusses why your library should implement two-factor authentication for your library management system (LMS), and the various benefits doing so will bring. Enjoy! Keeping your library’s data safe is more important than ever these days. Just like your personal accounts, library databases hold information, […]

Is Your Computer Part of ‘The

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) today said they arrested the alleged operator of 911 S5, a ten-year-old online anonymity service that was powered by what the director of the FBI called “likely the world’s largest botnet ever.” The arrest coincided with the seizure of the 911 S5 website and supporting infrastructure, which the government […]

Treasury Sanctions Creators of1

The U.S. Department of the Treasury today unveiled sanctions against three Chinese nationals for allegedly operating 911 S5, an online anonymity service that for many years was the easiest and cheapest way to route one’s Web traffic through malware-infected computers around the globe. KrebsOnSecurity identified one of the three men in a July 2022 investigation […]

If it’s worth sharing, it’s wo

If it’s worth sharing, it’s worth saving – Wayback to Facebook

I don’t know why this particular solution didn’t initially resonate with me, other than my doggedly wanting to link to THE ORIGINAL source, but with the recent demise of my locally-hosted instance of ShareNews, I’ve been searching for other ways to circumvent Facebook’s ban on sharing news sites. I discovered a couple of solid commercial […]

Stark Industries Solutions: An1

The homepage of Stark Industries Solutions. Two weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, a large, mysterious new Internet hosting firm called Stark Industries Solutions materialized and quickly became the epicenter of massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government and commercial targets in Ukraine and Europe. An investigation into Stark Industries reveals it is […]

Library Safety Audits: Assessi1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Sam L. Bowman discusses the different methods libraries can use to assess risks at their locations, how they can approach creating plans to deal with the identified risks, and, finally, how they can communicate the risks towards their patrons. Enjoy! Libraries are among the most valuable […]

Why Your Wi-Fi Router Doubles 1

Image: Shutterstock. Apple and the satellite-based broadband service Starlink each recently took steps to address new research into the potential security and privacy implications of how their services geo-locate devices. Researchers from the University of Maryland say they relied on publicly available data from Apple to track the location of billions of devices globally — […]