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Library Podcasting, Inspiratio...

In this week’s blog post, guest writer and co-host of the The Library Pros podcast, Chris DeCristofaro shares his story; how the inspiration for a library technology podcast came to him, the pod’s early days and what it evolved to nowadays. Are you curious what Princh can offer for your library and your patrons? Then […]

Two Steps Behind

In this week’s blog, recurring guest writer Edgardo Civallero writes a conceptual piece, using a creative analogy between music and libraries. This interesting correlation he writes about was established from the many conversations and hours of research Edgardo invests his time into, as he works and travels to different libraries in many countries throughout South […]

A Haven For Community; Value O...

In today’s Princh Library Blog’s post, guest writer Ugne Lipeikaite, EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Impact Manager, discusses a remarkable Danish public library impact study and asks – can the evaluation approach be applied in developing countries? This article was originally posted on EIFL’s blog. See the original article here. Are you curious what […]

How Writers Can Use Library Sp...

Libraries are a useful resource to all members of their communities. However, their endless source of knowledge, and the opportunities they offer to try things make them the ideal place for a specific group of patrons; writers. Guest writer, Reese Jones, shares how writers can really take advantage of their local libraries. Are you curious […]

Challenges Libraries Face With...

While some people still primarily associate libraries with books, they offer so much more! Libraries are often a resource hub for the community where passionate, friendly, and helpful library professionals work. Libraries have much more to offer than just books. Libraries offer access to technology, the internet, meeting rooms & creative spaces, and endless resources […]

Board Games In Libraries

Nowadays, in the rapidly digitalizing world, many libraries strive to become more digital. Whether that is by renting out e-books, becoming more automated, or even offering virtual reality technology. While all the aforementioned things are useful and help libraries keep up with the times, occasionally, sticking with traditional activities can be beneficial for development, memory […]

Building Connections Is A Libr...

Building connections is a skill that some can struggle with. But not librarians. Guest writer, Melissa Silerio shares her story, and why she says that a librarian’s superpower is making connections with people. Are you curious what Princh can offer for your library and your patrons? Then check out the Ultimate Guide To Princh For […]

Virtual Reality: “Sliding Glas

Virtual Reality (VR) technology brings its users into an immersive experience, and provides a new way of learning for students all over the world. Guest writer, Andrea Trudeau, discusses the benefits of VR technology and resources libraries can utilize to implement it into the education of students. Are you curious what Princh can offer for […]

Containers And Contents

Modern libraries, the containers, are often celebrated for their innovative looks, creative design, or eye-catching colors. It’s less often that they are celebrated for what truly matters – their contents. Recurring guest writer, Edgardo Civallero, discussing this discrepancy. Are you curious what Princh can offer for your library and your patrons? Then check out the […]

Best Quotes About The Importan...

The world is becoming more and more digital with everyday. Regardless, libraries still stand tall as culturally important places for their communities. But don’t take our words for it. In today’s Princh Library Blog post, recurring guest writer, Robin Jeanne, shares quotes from well known authors, directors and public figures, that shed light on the […]