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The Southern Libraries

Libraries can take many forms, and serve different functions, based on the needs and resources of their local communities. Recurring guest writer, Edgardo Civallero, shares the nature and history of libraries, specifically in South America. Unrecognized effort Latin Libraries are commonly considered invisible spaces in terms of public opinion. In this sense, and except for […]

What Does The Everyday Work Of...

We all know the inaccurate stereotype that exists about libraries and librarians; a quiet place, where people go to borrow and read books, overseen by a grumpy old lady who will scream “Shhh!” if anyone makes the slightest noise. Of course, this is just simply incorrect. Libraries of all kinds, are so much more than […]

Aquatic Routes Of Knowledge

Libraries bring knowledge to their communities. However, sometimes this cannot be done on land. That’s when librarians, and libraries, get on a boat in order to bring books, entertainment and knowledge to these people. Recurring guest writer, Edgardo Civallero, shares some Latin American initiatives, past and current, that aim to bring libraries to their communities […]

Dungeons And Dragons In The Li...

Dungeons and Dragons is in its renaissance right now. The rising popularity of shows like Critical Role, Dimension20 or Not Another DND Podcast, brings new players to the world’s most popular role playing game. But is this trend something your library should capitalize on and introduce the game to its community? In this week’s post […]

5 Reasons Why Libraries Are Es...

Nowadays, we are extremely dependent on the internet for information in our daily lives. However, does that information always bring us the right answers? As you might know, search engines such as Google tend to provide us with information depending on our formulated questions or keywords, therefore the data we get is not always relevant. […]

Cloud Printing For Libraries

Cloud services are a commonly used resource in most people’s daily life. Whether it is with iCloud, Google Drive, or other mobile or web applications, people are using cloud services.  This is no different at an organizational level, many organizations are using cloud services to improve their user’s experience and improve internal business processes. Though […]

Sheltering Voices – Importance

Recording history, and preserving ancient knowledge is something libraries have been doing for centuries. However, this isn’t limited to written resources only, as some meaning will inevitably be lost when written down. Recurring guest writer, Edgardo Civallero, shares different initiatives from across Latin America that are aimed at preserving the indigenous languages of the regions. […]

Inclusion And Diversity At Lib...

The importance of diversity, cultural sensitivity and awareness has increased in the recent years, as more and more hate crimes are being reported. With this topic in mind, this post will explore how public and school libraries can promote diversity and help students discover and explore unfamiliar perspectives. Diversity as a value for libraries What […]

How SEO Can Make Online Librar...

Making your online library accessible and easy-to-find for your users is key in today’s digitized word. If a user cannot find your online library, the content and resources you are sharing on your page lose their purpose. SEO can help your library be more visible and accessible. But, what is SEO? Guest writer, Robin Jeanne, […]

Passive Marketing: Going Digit...

Passive programs in the physical locations are nothing new to libraries; however, with the changing behaviour of visitors, passive programs should be considered on a digital platform as well. Stephen Abram shares his advice on how libraries can start developing their own programs to suit their communities. Read more below! Promoting the Full Digital Library: […]

The Law of Attraction: Tech an...

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post guest writer Michelle De Aizpurua shares a few pieces of advice on how to attract teens to the library. Technological initiatives that can be used to attract students to the library Attracting young people to the library can often be a challenge, there’s many competing demands on a […]

4 Reasons Libraries Should Hav...

Social media has been an ever growing part of everyone’s life, from MySpace, through Facebook, to Instagram and TikTok. As most users (and non-users!) have some kind of presence on all the different platforms, they are channels that should be utilized for all libraries. Recurring guest writer, Robin Jeanne, elaborates on why your library should […]

Corona’s Effect On The Book Pu

It is not new to anyone that the coronavirus pandemic affected the global economic situation. The pandemic has had an impact not only on countries as a whole, but also on individuals and various industries around the world. Early days Book publishing, like every other creative and cultural sector is not different in this aspect. […]

Languages To Weave Memories

This week’s Princh Library Blog post was written by recurring guest writer Edgardo Civallero. This post explores the importance of codes, specially that of language. Edgardo discusses how there are efforts to preserve and educate on endangered languages. Languages weaves memories The intangible heritage of a society, that collective memory that survives the passage of […]

The History Of Libraries III. ...

Background The age of enlightenment took place in the 17th and 18th century, centering in the heart of Europe. The Enlightenment itself was an intellectual and philosophical movement spreading rapidly throughout the western world, but it was so significant that a whole historical period was characterized by its ideologies. Overtaking the pomp of the renaissance […]