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The History Of Libraries III. ...

Background The age of enlightenment took place in the 17th and 18th century, centering in the heart of Europe. The Enlightenment itself was an intellectual and philosophical movement spreading rapidly throughout the western world, but it was so significant that a whole historical period was characterized by its ideologies. Overtaking the pomp of the renaissance […]

Will Libraries Be Relevant In ...

It is no secret that libraries play a vital role in society’s collective growth and educational experience. In recent years, libraries have made huge progress by adapting to the ongoing needs of communities, thus reinforcing their key role and importance. But are they going to stay relevant in the future? How can they continue to […]

The Tech Landscape & Libraries

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Nick Tanzi, author and library technology consultant, sharing his thoughts on the current technological landscape and how libraries can best adapt to it. To say that 2020 was a year of disruption and change would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused pervasive […]

The History Of Libraries II. –

Background When we are talking about the Middle Ages, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely not books or art. This period took place from the 5th to the 15th century and was characterized by massive migrations of people and deurbanization. Opposed to the blooming societies of the classical antiquity, the medieval […]

Suggestions For Post-Covid-19 ...

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Stephen Abram sharing his suggestions on how libraries can expand and update their collections to better accommodate the changing needs of their visitors. Humble suggestions Collection development can’t stop just because public libraries may temporarily physically restricted. Indeed, our experience this year is major […]

The History Of Libraries I. –

Background Can you imagine yourself in the classical antiquity? This period took place between 8th century BC and 6th century AD and centered in South Europe on the Mediterranean Sea, with ancient Greece and ancient Rome being its most significant civilizations. Ancient Greece and Rome are often considered to be the foundational culture of Western […]

Original Voices of Central Cha...

This week’s Princh Library Blog post was written by recurring guest writer Edgardo Civallero. The post explores the methods through which different organisations are keeping the language of the indigenous people of Central Chaco alive. Central Chaco The phyto-geographic and cultural region known as Chaco or Gran Chaco (from the Quechua chaku, “hunting land”) is […]

Library Professionals Saving T...

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post guest writer Anne Reddacliff, Australian librarian, shares the initiatives of the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group to save the planet. The group saving the planet At ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group our aim is not just to help libraries and librarians with green initiatives but to help them save the […]

Silver Linings

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Stephen Abram sharing his thoughts on how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected libraries, and how libraries can adopt to create the “new norm”. What we learnt A few things are clear now: The COVID-19 crisis and the attendant behavioural changes will last a […]

Leadership for University Libr...

Academic librarianship has faced a great amount of change during the past two decades. Libraries from the higher education system, along with those outsides of it, have handled multiple technological and socio-cultural paradigm shifts, by changing their organizational strategies and services. For example, information today is created, shared, and stored differently than is has been […]

Key Technology Trends Every Li...

What are some of the key technology trends librarians should consider implementing in their libraries? Guest writer Robin Jeanne discusses her thoughts on this subject in this week’s blog post. Digitized world It’s no secret that the world is becoming digitized. Even before 2020, new and emerging technologies were playing huge roles in the evolution […]

Librarian Training – Is It Nec

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Barbara Brand, independent library consultant, sharing her thoughts on training up librarians – and whether training is really necessary. Is training imperative? Most people need some sort of basic training when they begin a new job. Librarian qualifications tend to be quite generic and […]

Culinary Libraries

The culinary arts involve the subtle practice and activity of cooking. For those who enjoy reading and cooking, or are willing to learn how to cook, some libraries have decided to advance literacy in an innovative way, through discussing cookbooks coupled with real-life cooking demonstrations. Literacy and Cooking Food is a part of our everyday […]