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Library Professionals Saving T...

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post guest writer Anne Reddacliff, Australian librarian, shares the initiatives of the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group to save the planet. The group saving the planet At ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group our aim is not just to help libraries and librarians with green initiatives but to help them save the […]

Silver Linings

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Stephen Abram sharing his thoughts on how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected libraries, and how libraries can adopt to create the “new norm”. What we learnt A few things are clear now: The COVID-19 crisis and the attendant behavioural changes will last a […]

Leadership for University Libr...

Academic librarianship has faced a great amount of change during the past two decades. Libraries from the higher education system, along with those outsides of it, have handled multiple technological and socio-cultural paradigm shifts, by changing their organizational strategies and services. For example, information today is created, shared, and stored differently than is has been […]

Key Technology Trends Every Li...

What are some of the key technology trends librarians should consider implementing in their libraries? Guest writer Robin Jeanne discusses her thoughts on this subject in this week’s blog post. Digitized world It’s no secret that the world is becoming digitized. Even before 2020, new and emerging technologies were playing huge roles in the evolution […]

Librarian Training – Is It Nec

On this week’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Barbara Brand, independent library consultant, sharing her thoughts on training up librarians – and whether training is really necessary. Is training imperative? Most people need some sort of basic training when they begin a new job. Librarian qualifications tend to be quite generic and […]

Culinary Libraries

The culinary arts involve the subtle practice and activity of cooking. For those who enjoy reading and cooking, or are willing to learn how to cook, some libraries have decided to advance literacy in an innovative way, through discussing cookbooks coupled with real-life cooking demonstrations. Literacy and Cooking Food is a part of our everyday […]

The People’s Libraries

This week’s Princh Library Blog post was written by recurring guest writer Edgardo Civallero. The post elaborates on the nature of the people’s libraries, also known as popular libraries, in Latin America, and the different initiatives these libraries are taking for their communities. Popular Libraries In Latin America, a “popular” library would be —sticking to […]

Educational Technologies For L...

Today’s guest-writer, Lucas Maxwell, has many years of experience working with teens in school and public library settings. In 2017 Lucas received the UK School Librarian of the Year Award, a prestigious honour recognizing his outstanding contribution to the excellent work carried out in school libraries every day. In this post, Lucas will discuss various […]

5 Ways Libraries Are Helping T...

Libraries have taken different initiatives to contribute to a global mission and make a positive impact on the environment through different green practices and reinforcing awareness on sustainability. Green libraries have been protecting the environment and developing alternative solutions to offer customers better eco-friendly services through different sustainable and environmental practices, such as minimizing the […]

Libraries’ Online Brand Identi

Library branding is more than just an identity or an awareness level, it’s about enhancing a continuous customer experience at the library in both physical and digital aspects. The library staff are constantly dedicated to delivering the best customer experience to library users while offering a huge range of services. Libraries will always strive to […]

Libraries For Indigenous Commu...

This week’s Princh Library Blog post was written by reoccuring guest writer Edgardo Civallero. The post elaborates on how libraries can help their local indigenous communities preserve and share their culture. Indigenous Communities Latin America is home to numerous societies with very diverse origins and traits. Human groups that have inhabited the continent for millennia […]

Collaborations For Libraries: ...

On today’s Princh Library Blog post we have guest writer Egor Gerashchenko, deputy development director of the Centralized Library System of Moscow District sharing his thoughts on the benefits of collaborations for libraries. He is also sharing his checklist he uses to prepare for new collaborations. Collaborations for Libraries Branded clothes, souvenirs and rent-free space […]

Which Generation Reads The Mos...

Which generation reads the most? On this week’s Princh Libray Blog, Best by the numbers shares a fun infographic, that will provide you with the answers. Check out the infographic below. Have you ever wondered which generation reads the most? Are tech-obsessed Gen Z’s and Millennials actually reading less than Baby Boomers and the Silent […]

Comic books and Libraries #2 –

The Princh Library blog provides library stories and insights from around the globe. The blog is brought to you by Princh, the only printing solution designed specifically for – and with – libraries! Our user-friendly printing solution makes it easy for library users to print and pay from their own device. Try out our solution […]