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Mold Battles: Safeguarding Lib1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Nina Grant explores how libraries tackle the challenge of mold in their collections. Discover the behind-the-scenes efforts librarians make to keep books safe and sound! Mold in libraries is like that uninvited guest at a book club — it just shows up, especially in the older […]

The Benefits of a Study Suppor1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Sam L. Bowman discusses the benefits of study support programs at libraries and why your library should also think about including them! Enjoy! Libraries have been around for thousands of years and have shown astounding benefits in providing information and promoting literacy. However, in recent years […]

Recap Of The Summer Reading Ch1

Take a look back at summer with us in this week’s Princh Library Blog! More specifically at the Summer Reading Challenge happening in Newham Libraries! Read the article written by the Stratford Library’s Supervisor, Selena Encalada Reyes. Enjoy! What is the Summer Reading Challenge? Summer Reading Challenge is a national scheme that launched over 20 […]

Halloween In Libraries: Embrac1

With Halloween celebrations around the corner, this week’s Princh Library Blog post will look into how can libraries embrace the spooky spirit! Read the article for tips and ideas on how to create a spine-tingling atmosphere in your library!  Title picture is generated by Canva AI tool – Magic Media Introduction As the leaves change […]

eLearning Integration in Libra1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Nina Grant sheds light on how libraries can integrate eLearning in order to bridge the educational gap. Check it out. The education gap can limit the learning experience for many students being taught in a traditional classroom setting. Schools and colleges often lack resources and, when, […]

Libraries Week In The UK Goes 1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, we will look into the upcoming event happening in the UK – Green Libraries Week. This article, written by the Project Support Officer, Hinna Vayani, introduces the initiative and encourages more libraries to participate!  What is the Libraries Week Libraries Week at CILIP is our annual showcase of […]

Raimbeaucourt Library as a Wel1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, we are going to cover the transformation of the Raimbeaucourt Library. WF Education Group was asked to design and upgrade the library into a welcoming community space, where different cultures come together. This article was originally posted on the WF Education Group’s website. You can find the original […]

How Libraries Nurture Early Li1

Previously on the Princh Library Blog, we have covered how libraries can help both parents and babies. In this week’s post, guest writer Sam L. Bowman dives further into this topic, discussing how libraries can help with literacy specifically – one of, if not the, most important skills. Critical Hubs for early literacy Libraries are […]

Volunteering at a Library: Enr1

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where information is readily available at our fingertips, libraries remain the center of knowledge, community, and connection. Behind the shelves stacked with books and the hushed conversations lies a vibrant world of volunteering opportunities that contribute to the library’s essential role in society. Volunteering at a library is not just […]

Turning A Tractor Shed Into Cl1

In this week’s blog post we are covering how Sima Bhudia and WF Education turned a former ‘tractor shed’ into functional STEM / Design & Technology classrooms. WF Education often works with libraries, so while this post isn’t specifically about them, the company’s approach is proven to work when redesigning libraries too. This blog post […]

Why Most College Printing Solu1

In an era dominated by digital technologies and sustainability concerns, it’s surprising to see how many college campuses still rely on outdated printing solutions. While advancements in communication and information sharing have revolutionized the way we learn, print services in higher education institutions seem to be stuck in the past. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Library Organization: A Look A1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Nina Grant sheds light on how libraries are typically run, and the important roles and strategies happening behind the scenes. Check it out. Library Organization: A Look At How Libraries Are Run There are roughly 123,627 libraries of all kinds (including, public libraries, school libraries, and book mobiles) […]

Secure and Safe Printing at Pu1

Public libraries serve as vital community resources, offering a wide range of services, including printing facilities. However, as libraries continue to embrace technology, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the security and privacy of patrons’ and the libraries’ printing activities. A recent example that illustrates this topic was the critical vulnerability found in PaperCut products. […]

Extraordinary Libraries in Une1

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, guest writer Nina Grant encourages everyone to visit their local library but has a few specific libraries she wants to shed some light on. Check them out. Extraordinary Libraries in Unexpected Places The digital craze has made people infinitely more dependent on their phones and other devices, but […]

Idsall School

In this week’s Princh Library Blog post, we are going to cover the transformation of the Idsall School Library. The school was ‘made to empower young people to explore literature, expand their horizons and improve literacy‘, but their ‘cluttered’ and ‘outdated’ interior prevented staff from achieving this. Read on to see how the school transformed […]