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Newspaper Navigator Surfaces T1

Although Library of Congress buildings are closed to the public, projects like Newspaper Navigator are busy unlocking even more digital content for members of the public to access from home! On May 7th at 2pm EST, Innovator in Residence Ben Lee will host a virtual data jam to experiment and play with thousands of images—including […]

Who’s Behind the “Reopen” Doma

The past few weeks have seen a large number of new domain registrations beginning with the word “reopen” and ending with U.S. city or state names. The largest number of them were created just hours after President Trump sent a series of all-caps tweets urging citizens to “liberate” themselves from new gun control measures and […]

Sipping from the Coronavirus D1

Security experts are poring over thousands of new Coronavirus-themed domain names registered each day, but this often manual effort struggles to keep pace with the flood of domains invoking the virus to promote malware and phishing sites, as well as non-existent healthcare products and charities. As a result, domain name registrars are under increasing pressure […]

COVID-19 Has United Cybersecur1

The Coronavirus has prompted thousands of information security professionals to volunteer their skills in upstart collaborative efforts aimed at frustrating cybercriminals who are seeking to exploit the crisis for financial gain. Whether it’s helping hospitals avoid becoming the next ransomware victim or kneecapping new COVID-19-themed scam websites, these nascent partnerships may well end up saving […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, April1

Microsoft today released updates to fix 113 security vulnerabilities in its various Windows operating systems and related software. Those include at least three flaws that are actively being exploited, as well as two others which were publicly detailed prior to today, potentially giving attackers a head start in figuring out how to exploit the bugs. […]

Digital Scholarship Working Gr1

Digital scholarship takes advantage of the availability of digital collections and a changing landscape of tools, resources and methodologies to produce new forms of research and engagement. Digital scholarship projects and centers are common at research universities. They serve faculty and student needs by supporting digital skill development and sharing best practices in digital research […]

What is a Security Operations 1

Attack vectors, tools and techniques are constantly evolving. And because standard security practices have been around for a long time, crackers have been around just as long—and have figured out how to circumvent those defenses. Any unknown threat or zero-day your defenses can’t protect you from can lead to malicious actors making their way into […]

New IRS Site Could Make it Eas1

The U.S. federal government is now in the process of sending Economic Impact Payments by direct deposit to millions of Americans. Most who are eligible for payments can expect to have funds direct-deposited into the same bank accounts listed on previous years’ tax filings sometime next week. Today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stood up […]

Introducing the Library 2.0 Sm1

We’re excited to announce a June Library 2.0 mini-conference that is being co-organized by TechSoup. It is “Small, Rural, and Independent Libraries,” which will be held online (and for free) on Wednesday, June 17, from 12 to 3 p.m., U.S. Pacific time. Register for this free event here. This mini-conference will focus on innovation and […]

Office 2010 Is Retiring, but H1

The popular Microsoft Office 2010 is soon going to reach its end of support. To avoid security risks, it’s time to upgrade to a newer version of Office. The good news is that your library can get the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for your administrative PCs from Microsoft Academic, or you can get donated on-premises […]

Microsoft Buys So Bad1

In February, KrebsOnSecurity told the story of a private citizen auctioning off the dangerous domain for the starting price of $1.7 million. Domain experts called dangerous because years of testing showed whoever wields it would have access to an unending stream of passwords, email and other sensitive data from hundreds of thousands of […]

100th Spotlight at Stanford ex1

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the 100th Spotlight at Stanford exhibit! Opening Night! Opera & Oratorio Premieres was created and published by Ray Heigemeir of the Stanford Music Library, with selected customizations supported by Chris Beer of Digital Library Systems and Services’ Access Team. This exhibit is notable in its own right, […]

Happy Birthday to LCWA! Celebr1

Today’s guest post is from Abbie Grotke, who is Lead Librarian, Web Archiving Team in the Digital Content Management Section of the Library of Congress.   2020 marks a special occasion for the Library of Congress – our anniversary of 20 years of web archiving! Remember the year 2000? Back when we all breathed a […]

‘War Dialing’ Tool Exposes Zoo

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to work from home, countless companies are now holding daily meetings using videoconferencing services from Zoom. But without the protection of a password, there’s a decent chance your next Zoom meeting could be “Zoom bombed” — attended or disrupted by someone who doesn’t belong. And according to […]

Digital library services news 1

Welcome to the Winter 2020 Digital Library Services Newsletter, prepared by the Product and Service Management team! This newsletter includes contributions from: Cathy Aster, Hannah Frost, Dinah Handel, Sarah Seestone, Andrew Berger, and Michael Olson.  Impact of pandemic shelter-in-place on Digital Library Services With the libraries closed, staff working at home, and the University’s pivot […]

Phish of GoDaddy Employee Jeop1

A spear-phishing attack this week hooked a customer service employee at, the world’s largest domain name registrar, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. The incident gave the phisher the ability to view and modify key customer records, access that was used to change domain settings for a half-dozen GoDaddy customers, including transaction brokering site helps people safely […]