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I’ve recently become more involved in a project to digitize historical maps held at the U of Calgary, so this article really spoke to me (thanks @achurrell!) Yukon geologists raid the archives to aid ongoing search for gold. And because it seems so often news reports like this don’t seem to include a link to the actual resource being reported on, I’m pleased that the CBC did provide a link directly to YCGC Historic Placer Data, which is fascinating to poke around. I wonder whether our (currently small) collection of Oil and Gas maps will be used in the same way, some day?

Also recently crossing my path is a news release talking about the use of an archival collection from the Glenbow Archives, which are now held here at the U of Calgary. The Imperial Oil Files: New Collection Adds to Climate and Energy Research Archives On Science and Denial. And the collection itself: Introduction to the Imperial Oil Archival Document Collection. The U of Calgary has no affiliation with this organization, I’ll add. We just hold the archives. I’m curious to know whether these images were captured on the sly, or in an open fashion. It’s almost like an analogue version of scraping a website!

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