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Under the Influence: Long Overdue: The Creative Boom of Library Marketing

One of the most well-written podcasts (oh, and I guess it’s a radio show too) out there is Terry O’Reilly’s Under The Influence. Terry tells stories of how marketing works (and sometimes doesn’t), and it’s always an entertaining and fascinating half-hour. His most recent episode, Season 11, episode 3, is Long Overdue: The Creative Boom of Library Marketing. If you want to listen online, the CBC site is probably best. If you want to subscribe to the podcast (and you should), that’s now over here.

From the show notes,

This week, we look at the ways libraries market themselves. If you think libraries are quiet, you’ve got another thing coming. We’ll talk about a library video series that played like a TV cop show – and – we’ll look at library wars – when libraries battle each other on social media.

Very frustrating though that on none of the sites affiliated with this show do complete transcripts with links appear. 🙁 He mentions an epic twitter fight between the Toronto Public Library and the San Francisco Public Library that occurred when the Raptors were playing for the NBA championship against the Golden State Warriors, and he also details a bunch of innovative YouTube videos.

So I did some searching for you, and here are the relevant links:

Such good stuff!

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