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Recipe in Peace

Photo: James Jelin Whether it’s snickerdoodles, peach cobbler, or cheese dip, many home cooks want to be remembered for their signature dish. Some have even gone as far as incorporating those foods into their final resting place. “Food connects us to someone we miss,” says Rosie Grant, digital librarian for American Jewish University in Los […]

Literacy in a Post-Truth World

In my work as a literacy equity advocate, I often note how we’re living in a new Gutenberg Era. In the Middle Ages, Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press expanded our capacity for mass communication. It catalyzed movements like the Protestant Reformation and Enlightenment—but also spurred centuries of religious wars and disseminated ideas faster […]

Newsmaker: Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho. Photo: Ali Rasoul After the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in May 2020, Fox Sports analyst and former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho felt compelled to do something. He, a Black man and son of Nigerian immigrants, was receiving questions from white people asking about racism and how to […]

Bookend: The World on a String

Top: Puppeteer Morgan Matens (left) and Children’s Librarian Greg Hall pose with puppets from Nashville Public Library’s in-house troupe, Wishing Chair Productions. Below: Scenes from their viral Facebook video “Curbside Baby.” Photo: Samantha Saldana/Nashville Public Library (Matens and Hall) When Greg Hall and Morgan Matens met and fell in love as graduate students over a […]