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Summary of CO2 Emissions by Sector. Alberta, 1988-2005.

Earlier this week I was trying to help a student find CO2 emissions data for Alberta going back to 1985, and have so far been unsuccessful. According to the Canadian Greenhouse Gas Measurement Program, measurements began in 1975, at least nationally, but I haven’t been able to find the actual data following any of the links on that page. Canada’s Official Greenhouse Gas Inventory includes data by Province from 1990.

Eventually I came across a report from the Alberta Department of Energy dated September 1990. Table 2 of A Discussion paper on the potential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Alberta : 1988 – 2005 is a summary of CO2 Emissions by Sector, so that gets us two more years back. Helpfully, colleagues at the U of Alberta have digitized that report, and I was able to lift the table into Excel pretty easily (thanks PDF Tables). Just to surface the data I have included it here, and have posted it to our institutional data repository, though technically the report is still under copyright.

One frustrating but important note is that the data from this report does not appear to match the data in the Canada Greenhouse Gas reports, so take it with a solid grain of salt. I still thought it was important enough to try to make it more widely available.

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