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ResearchBuzz Search Gizmos – a collection of search tools based on 25+ years of tinkering

Over at ResearchBuzz, Tara has had a busy summer learning JavaScript in order to satisfy her cravings for simple search tools that only exist in her head. The result is RB Search Gizmos, which you should definitely check out. As I continue to be a daily RSS user, one of the first I gravitated towards was Kebberfegg. WTF is that? You’ll have to check it out to see! And the latest, Wikipedia GenderScanner, allows you to find the gender of people mentioned in any of Wikipedia’s categories. Results will vary greatly on that one depending on how far down you drill in the categories, but it’s an interesting example of the types of niche searches she’s playing with. And best of all, she’ll consider your requests! (no guarantees) 🙂

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