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LC LABS LETTER: A Special Edition from the Library of Congress Labs Team

This time-sensitive message about open procurements comes between our normal monthly updates. Please share widely share with any lists, people, or groups who might be interested!

Note: Federal hiring and procurement rules prohibit us from answering questions about open opportunities – please use the contact info provided in the listing.

Current Opportunities

Humans in the Loop: Accelerating access and discovery for digital collections
SUBMISSIONS DUE August 6, 2020

LC Labs is seeking a contractor to help us iterate on LC Labs’ initial machine learning experiments by developing two prototypes or proofs of concept that combine crowdsourcing and machine learning approaches. A key goal of these prototypes will be to consider ethical ways to crowdsource and apply machine learning methods to Library of Congress digital collections, incorporating user-centered design and human participation into automated workflows. You can find the posting at .

Experimental Access to Digital Collections and Data: Analyzing and Demonstrating Affordances at Scale
SUBMISSIONS DUE August 7, 2020

LC Labs is also seeking a contractor to analyze existing experimental interfaces like the ones we offer on the LC Labs website (// according to how they serve a diversity of user needs, in particular, the needs of people who don’t already engage with the Library; who are employing emerging styles of digitally-enabled research, visualization or analysis; and who might develop applications, share, learn, teach, connect or otherwise communicate with Library materials. The Library is also seeking recommendations based on user-centered research that identify potential methods and approaches to enhancing Library digital collections and access systems to satisfy unmet user needs. Check out the posting at .

Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud Research Services
SUBMISSIONS DUE August 11, 2020

The Library seeks a contractor to document and report on the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud project. More about the project goals and approaches can be found at // and the posting can be found at .

Upcoming Opportunities 

Call for Researcher Proposals

Stay tuned for the forthcoming call for researcher proposals to work with Library of Congress collections at scale with our team.

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