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ChatGPTLibrarian is still finding his (its?) voice

One of my alerts just tripped over a new blog called ChatGPTLibrarian. The site was launched in March 2023 by librarian Victor Santiago, and I think he’s still trying to decide if he’s going to write as him, or as an AI-assisted author. The header of each page reads,

Welcome to ChatGPTLibrarian, a blog dedicated to exploring the possibilities of using artificial intelligence and chatbots in the field of librarianship. Our articles delve into the innovative ways ChatGPT can assist with research, reference services, and information retrieval. Join us as we explore the intersection of technology and librarianship.

and many of the posts seem like throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks, or may be ChatGPT outputs to specific prompts, but there are a few posts with some good ideas and tips and tricks, including,

Anyhoo, if you’re trying to pay attention to the use of chatbots in libraries, this is probably worth keeping an eye on. Oh, it’s entirely possible Victor’s just running this site hoping to generate some ad revenue! I first visited with an ad-blocker running, but after turning it off I see there are a LOT of ads, so be warned! 🙂

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