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Bouncing back: the 2021 rundown of student deposits in the Stanford Digital Repository

Coming off the year 2020, we celebrate the rebounding number of Stanford departments and programs engaging the SDR’s services to manage, archive, and publish the work of Stanford students. There were a total of 37 collections active in 2021 – — including 4 new collections — and 264 students deposited their works, including honors theses, masters theses, capstones, final project reports, and so forth. All are accessible in SearchWorks.

 The collections for those departments/programs that began participating in 2021 are:

Many thanks to the Stanford Libraries staff who have played a role in supporting the departments and the students in the process this year. They are: Josh Capitano, Adan Griego, Amy Hodge, Kris Kasianovitz, Kathy Kerns, Ali Krogman, Anna Levia, Joseph Maloba Makokha, Alesia Montgomery, Margarita Nafpaktitis, Ron Nakao, Stella Ota, Regina Roberts, Josh Schneider, Ben Stone, Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Felicia Smith, and Rebecca Wingfield.

Since the release of the new online deposit application in August, the SDR team has been revamping our web site with a new service catalog to help all Stanford community members understand and access the variety of repository services provided by the Libraries. For student collection managers, we provide a revamped, ready-to-customize set of instructions for the students, as well as new how-to video. Both are available in the Documentation section on the web site. Other resources are in the making now, including guides on Creative Commons license selection and open access publishing.

In addition to the 4 new collections above, here are the other established collections that were active in 2021: 

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