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AI, Images, and Academic Titles

Yesterday, shortly after helping a student start a literature search, I found myself poking around at DALL-E, one of the crop of machine-learning tools that can generate images based on a text prompt. I had an article title saved on my clipboard, and wondered what would be generated from the title. I was not impressed.

The prompt: Robust Speech Recognition via Large-Scale Weak Supervision

The 4 results:


Here’s a second example.

The prompt: The curvilinear effect of professional faultlines on team innovation: The pivotal role of professional identity threat.

The 4 results:


At least that one’s got some curves…

Pretty underwhelming, but then I wondered what the others would make of it, so I headed over to Midjourney, and after figuring out how to interact with it in Discord, generated the following MUCH more interesting images from the same prompts. Can you guess which is which this time, w/o seeing the prompt? 🙂

  Midjourney_Robust Speech Recognition
Midjourney_curvilinear effect

And finally, what about Stable Diffusion?


StableDiffusion_curvilinear effect

Could all turn in to a fun party game. I certainly know which ones are most visually-appealing to me… Thoughts?

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