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A couple of quick updates – FOIP and Twitter Academic

Just a couple of quick updates.

First, in December, I posted about my initial experience with Alberta’s new(?) FOIP process. And then I actually submitted that request on January 26. So the fact that I was never notified that my submission was incomplete is a strike, for sure. But on February 16 I did get my response, so they easily made the 30-day deadline. Download AE000-2021-G-9 Applicant Copy. As you can see, it’s a PDF, not the CSV I requested. Not a big deal in this case, but had there been lots of information it might’ve been, so another strike. I actually emailed back and forth a couple of times, because I didn’t realize that both of my requests were being satisfied on that single page. Ultimately this response clicked with me:

I can confirm that the record provided to you in response to your FOIP request identifies all contracts awarded by Advanced Education to McKinsey and Company under the heading “Contract Number”. The list of reports finished by McKinsey and Company is identified under the heading “Finished Reports”, which indicates “None to date”.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your request, you have a right under Part 5 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to request the OIPC review the decision of the public body. Additional information regarding this process can be found here: Request a Review/File a Complaint.

I have to assume the 1054-20200609-MCKINSEY contract number is associated with the Alberta 2030 Building Skills for Jobs contract (CBC article), but they would not claim that in the email, so I guess I’d have to spend another $25 to verify that? 🙁

I am no longer a FOIP virgin.

Second up, on January 7 I submitted an application to be accepted into Twitter’s Academic Developer program and on February 2 I got an email that I was in. I’ve since attended a webinar on the program and understand that lots of people have been waiting far longer than that, so I may have slipped in by being quick. I haven’t actually done anything other than log in, attend that webinar, and install the postman tool that was being demoed in the webinar, so I can’t give you any more info on the ease of the back end (I’m truly not a developer), but when I get around to it, I’ll report back on that, too!

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