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DNS Records and Record Types: 1

DNS is the system that associates domain names with IP addresses, so whenever we type in “”, DNS uses a series of protocols to connect us with the authoritative DNS server of the domain name and serves us the content we intended to visit. DNS is one of the most popular internet services, and at […]

Best Cybercrime Investigation 1

For the prosecution of such acts, preserving and recovering digital evidence is absolutely critical. In the same way a “traditional” detective or law enforcement agent explores crimes in the physical or material sense, a cybercrime investigator delves into internet-based crimes. A cybercrime investigation is the process of investigating, analyzing and recovering digital forensics data from […]

IP Discovery: How to Create a 1

It provides a modern perspective for securing one’s virtual organization, in the same way that an organization’s physical office and assets are secured. And with the increasing frequency and sophistication of internet attacks, the need to secure one’s organization becomes more important every day. With the rise of IPv6 and the shortage of IPv4, newly […]

10 Backend Security Risks and 1

And keep in mind, most security risks occur due to misconfigurations, or even the simple lack of scanning. That’s why, in the same way that we recently explored Frontend Security Risks and Best Practices, we’re going to explore some of the most common, yet dangerous, risks within your web application’s backend security. 10 Popular Backend […]

Risk Assessment vs. Risk Analy1

While yes, there are adrenaline-seekers among us who would gladly take the plunge, let’s look at it from a non-thrill-seekers’ perspective: you would only jump if you knew you had the skills to do it safely, consider all the circumstances, assess the terrain, enlist someone to help out if necessary; essentially, prepare yourself for everything […]