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The 10 Largest Data Breaches a1

With so much exposure to this kind of news, we can become desensitized to the numbers involved in these situations, but it’s important to understand how dangerous and wide-reaching they can be. We’ve put together a list of the largest data breaches involving attackers infiltrating some of the largest companies’ networks, and the misfortunate data […]

Dragging AI

Teen participants in Boston Public Library’s “Drag vs. AI” program test their makeup and props against facial recognition software. Photo: Kathy Pham/American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts In November 2019, Boston Public Library’s (BPL) Teen Central hosted a digital privacy instruction workshop for teens that centered on facial recognition technology. Titled “Drag vs. AI,” the […]

What the Future Holds

Libby the Librarian greets students at University of Pretoria Libraries in South Africa. Photo: Mariki Uitenweerde/University of Pretoria in South Africa The world is changing rapidly: socially, technologically, and ecologically. Even while the “tech backlash” phenomenon is making headlines, libraries must still anticipate and adapt to digital advances and larger societal developments. How will these […]