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nmapAutomator: Automating your1

And understandably so; cybersecurity continues to receive significant attention on all fronts, from secretive accounts of cyber espionage to the now rather ubiquitous corporate breach scenarios pressuring organizations across the globe. Better security comes at a price too, and in the absence of significant security measures anti-patterns quickly evolve to give miscreants ample targets of […]

AssetFinder: A Handy Subdomain1

The process of discovering “what service is hosted where” can prevent most common causes of security-related incidents. Things like outdated installs, abandoned installations and in-development software running on publicly accessible domains are a major source of such attacks. Domain and specially subdomain discovery is a critical skill for hackers, security researchers and pentesters. Therefore, using […]

Meet SQL Explorer: One of the 1

With hundreds, if not thousands, of websites being launched every day, the increasing size of the internet makes it nearly impossible to manually scan and build reliable reports. Internet scanning, as it’s commonly called, can often be too slow for timely catching of security vulnerabilities when done manually. And that’s even within small to medium-sized […]