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Shaking Up Science

At Roanoke (Va.) Public Libraries’ 2023 Flip the Fair event, elementary school students discuss a research presentation on microbiology with a graduate student from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Photo: Amber Lowery On a school morning last September, small groups of 5th-graders crowded around tools connected to scientific research—a microscope, a robotic camera, and even a […]

Newsmakers: Maia Kobabe and Sa1

From left: Maia Kobabe and Sarah PeitzmeierPhotos: M. Ruddell (Kobabe); Grace Han (Peitzmeier) In early 2020, Maia Kobabe (e/em/eir) was wrapping up promotion for eir memoir Gender Queer when e received an email out of the blue from Sarah Peitzmeier, a social epidemiologist working in LGBTQ+ health at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Peitzmeier, a […]

Blast Radius: Mapping, Control1

For our new blog series Blast Radius, security professionals, researchers and experts deep dive into different attacks and vulnerabilities, explore how they can impact the entire internet ecosystem, and examine what they mean for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. To talk about the emerging properties of self-registration services bundled with devices provided by […]

Blast Radius: Misconfigured Ku1

To show you just how dominant Kubernetes truly is, reports show that of the more than 109 tools used to manage containers, over 89% of companies use various Kubernetes versions. Not a bad statistic for a technology that’s only eight years old! And as Kubernetes usage grows, so does interest about—and skepticism concerning—the security of […]