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Being Okay With Not Being Okay1

Burnout, depression, anxiety and a slew of mental health issues are becoming more common among cybersecurity professionals. Although workplace stress follows every industry, cybersecurity seems to be particularly susceptible to it. The fact that there is stigma around discussing mental health in the security community does not help either. The modern superheroes who make the […]

Channeling the Wisdom of the C1

With the boom of data-driven organizations and the adoption of technological advancements, cybersecurity threats are also getting more sophisticated. The fast-changing nature of cybersecurity and the sheer amount of threats and vulnerabilities requires organizations to stay on top of protecting their assets and data from attackers. To counteract this, organizations are increasingly turning to ethical […]

Building a Career in Incident 1

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries, while cybersecurity professionals are some of the most valuable workers of any organization, regardless of the industry. There is some talk of a cybersecurity skills gap that claims a shortage of professionals, but is that true? Or is gatekeeping dictating unrealistic expectations for entry-level positions, making it harder […]